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The Alternate Mes?
Monday. 1.22.07 10:54 pm
Alternate mes, god did I ever wake up confused.

Ever have ones of those dreams where your you, your there, where you can kinda of control what's happening and at the same time not. Then have somekind of lapse to an alternate universe/reality you, you can stop that, yet only you seem to notice it's happening. Your stil you, except everyone else is... different each time, but you keep flashing back and forth through these "alternate yous." Then you start telling people in your dream about it and some thinkg your crazy and need help (medidine/hospital), some freak out on you, some try to comfort, some stare, some laugh, some just nod and etc. Then as you progress along the dream, the switching/flashing get's faster and faster and everyone in those alternate realities are calling out your name over and over worried, until you stop in just one and after a little while you wake up?

Now I feel non-existent, only to be comforted by that fact, that if I am not in reality right now then I sure as hell wouldn't mind staying here. Thus resulting in mixed feelings for when it was snowing 24 hours ago I was at the epitome of happiness (only to have that feeling crushed by not having a snow day, but only a 2 hour delay).

I know, weird, but then again lots of odd things have been happening recently. All I know for sure is that I won't be going to sleep any time soon,... well unless I just do, since I'm slightly narcoleptic.

I have these mirrors in my home, a LOT of mirrors, so in the hallways and common rooms, not to mention bedrooms there are these huge mirrors, the ones that go from basically more or less most of the ceiling down to the floor. Have you ever looked at one? And no, I don't mean looking at your reflection, I mean have you ever REALLY looked at one? It may just be because of how the mirrors are positioned, but anytime we have guests or friends over they always almost walk right into the mirror thinking it's a continuation of the room or hallway and trust me it looks real, and so incredibly symetric I might add that if you don't hit your hand against the mirror to see that it's solid you wouldn't be sure of which side is real. Then again, how do we know who's on what side of the mirror?

Ever consider another you, completely identical to you in every way, shape or form, doing at the moment exactly what your doing? Are you just a mirror image of that person or is that person the mirror image of you? Better yet what the hell is your conscience doing? Helping? Nope. Great, we know personal views of right and wrong. I want to know real from fake, reality from dreams, ever think one you could just fall through your desk at school into the sky? "Oh, that can't happen, the sky is above, not below!" Pssh, tell me something I care about.

Anyways, Happy New Years people. It's 22 days late, but whatever. (What are you going to do? Hunt me down, skin me, and use my "rather exceptional" panda fur as a coat? You wish.)

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Merry Panda-Christmas
Sunday. 12.24.06 2:45 pm
Merry Christmas everybody, yeah that's right, the best your allowed to “expect” from me is a holiday blog... I may even miss some of those. So who does the whole Christmas batch? The Christmas feast, decorations, tree, lights, reef, etc.

Better yet, who still believes in Santa? Well IF he does exist, I hate him. If the excuse if that I was a bad child then shouldn't I have at least gotten some coal, even just a bit? But, no, I've never gotten anything from the elf. You never saw my stockings full, then again I only put them up twice, but still that‘s no excuse. I want someone to justify something to me. Why isn't Santa Claus a wanted criminal? I mean, come now, a fat "man" in a red suit breaking into a home in the middle of the night while the residents are sleeping? Sounds pretty villainous to me. Which is why I've taken the initiative to replace Santa Claus with Fanglia Claus on SnS, who will, I hope, do a better job. [That's right Fangli, Airi & I are looking forward to those machine guns and that coal you owe us].

So here’s my excerpt from SnS of my personal feelings of Christmas and what I normally do when the time comes around every year:

I love Christmas and hate Santa Claus. ^^ Why not? Christmas provides us with winter vacation until New Years, presents (not from SC) and bountiful eye-pleasing decorations.

There's this street and in the center of it there are two houses that have a light & decorations battle every year, it’s been going on for a while now and they’re just about professionals at it now..., it's quite the spectacle,... maybe I should take a picture.

The 23rd and early Christmas Eve, I usually spend with my friends, we hang out, buy stuff, eat treats, have a party, and exchange gifts. Then, the 25th (Christmas) I spend with my family (well most of them anyway)

Although, my relatives are big on Christmas celebrations and feast, my immediate family isn't really all that celebrative, sure we put up decorations, and old tree, some outdoor decorations and some indoor lightings and a reed on out door, mostly done by me. Of course we have quite a bit of fruits, cakes, cookies and teas laying around the house that time of year. [Actually all year round for the fruits & tea] Then basically my mother makes a "feast" (more or less a normal winter day meal, just a little more elaborate or we may eat out), and we wonder if my fathers going to be there that day, just like every other holiday and *cough*birthday*cough* which he tends to miss.

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